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Is InterServer VPS hosting good?

Interserver distinguished from the others because of the technology they offer, as well as the numerous choices in both hardware and software. Add to that a great support; the top executives routinely handle support requests. Currently they offer a very cheap VPS package in terms of introduction for only $ 6 / month. All this helps to make VPS hosting Interserver a good solid choice in terms of VPS.

About Interserver

Started in 1999 and in business for 15 years. That in itself says a lot about the quality and dedication with which Interserver works, not to mention the experience and knowledge they have acquired over the years. The technology in the hosting industry has changed several times since then, but the Interserver have done a tremendous job to keep pace update their equipment in accordance with advances in the industry. Of dedicated servers in co-location to build your own data center, they added many innovative products and services in your list of offers in order to complement the existing business line, and better serve their customers.

If you are looking for a high performance hosting service that does not make a hole in your budget, this provider based in New Jersey is a good option to consider. Safe and reliable infrastructure, exciting speed, high availability, support of friendly staff are just a few of the pros that you will get whatever the hosting plan you choose.

Interserver VPS hosting plans

Hosting VPS Servers Interserver are located in various places in the US and plans to expand in other countries such as Britain, France and China. The VPS comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee and server deployment takes less than 15 minutes. All servers are RAID10 protected against drive failure risk. Update Rebootless is another feature that allows security update kernel, without any downtime.

The basic package comes with:

  • Disk space 25 GB
  • Memory 512 MB (Eventually with promotion of 1GB for the same price)
  • 1 TB Bandwidth

You can customize the package according to your needs and requirements and can go as high as:

  • 400 GB disk space
  • 16 GB of memory
  • 16 TB of Bandwidth

You have a wide range of operating systems to choose from, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Funtoo, Openwall, Fedora, Slackware, Windows and others. An IP address is provided with the package, but if you need more, it only costs a dollar per month per IP; you can choose to have up to 5 IPs. You can also go for other updates, such as cPanel or Direct Admin Control Panel, self-installation scripts such as Fantastico and Softaculous, etc for a very reasonable price.

Fast servers

The Interserver hosting is powered through Ethernet connections for high-speed 10 Gbps. They have connection with several backbone providers, which are connected through switching and routing of high quality equipment from reputable companies such as Cisco, Extreme Networks and Riverstone. The traffic to your site is routed to the most appropriate backbone provider, as determined by the intelligent routing protocol, taking into account various factors such as the visitor’s proximity, the load current server, etc. This keeps latency to a minimum and ensures the best possible speed for your website.

In addition to the automatic redundancy management through intelligent BGPv4 routing, Interserver also follows the N + 1. Political So they always reserve a connection and routing to upgrade the network. This takes care of any unexpected situation that would result in downtime of your website. Thus, in addition to which further increases the speed of the hosting sites, redundancy also reduces unexpected downtime.

The verdict is: the InterServer VPS hosting is good for your website.

Satisfied customers are the key to the success of any business entity and this is part of the philosophy of Interserver. Seamless Service Delivery with reliable resources, in order to see the business of its customers flourish is what they are intended and have been making success so far. Be an individual or a large company, all are equally pleased to have your site hosted with Interserver. And I’m sure you will be too. Here is the website of InterServer if you are looking for a good VPS provider to begin soon.

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