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Best WordPress Hosting World Class

What is the Best WordPress Hosting  is the most common question among bloggers when creating a blog or migrating to WordPress. Choosing the best plan and platform to host a blog is something that involves several factors, such as: should imagine the monthly traffic of visitors you would like to achieve, the tools used in your blog if it will have hosted videos or files in audio podcast, etc.

Who already have a blog at some free service like Blogspot,  surely already have some idea of how much will be your audience. After calculated all these factors, if you want to migrate to WordPress, it is time to choose a host you trust.

It is very important that the plan be paid because free host will cause you many problems, and not provide any security for you. Have a paid hosting has the duty to always provide 100% of everything you bought and you as a customer have the right to complain when the service is not working as it should. Taking into account these things we will finally go into detail in the plans.

Best WordPress Hosting World Class

Far Above Average
Above Average

What the hosting plan should offer you:

To start a WordPress site, I recommend a hosting that offers around 5-10 gigs of disk space, MySQL Data base witht at minimum 1 giga, PHP5 support and most importantly, your plan must have high monthly traffic around 1 terabyte per month or preferably it is unlimited, so later in the month you do not run the risk of having your site down.

This configuration is more than perfect for a small blog or even to a relatively large size, is plenty of room to work and you typically spend between U$ 4.00 to a maximum of U$ 500 per month. (Most of these sites offer great prices for those who purchase the entire year in the act, you can sometimes have good discounts this way).

Windows or Linux platform: what is the best for my blog in WordPress?

I just show how to choose the best hosting plan, but I believe many of you could reach this conclusion alone. However, in addition to hosting plan, there is a platform on which we will work.

The platform can be Windows or Linux. So after all what is the best to have a WordPress blog and what changes from one to another? Carefully read the rest of the post. Here we delve into the subject.

Hosting Features in Windows platform:

This type of platform can develop programming languages: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, etc. Has inherited folder permissions and does not allow specific permissions on files.

What does it mean? You can give permissions to write files or access folders, but you can not do the same files.

Another important feature is the web.config file that is the root of your server and is responsible for friendly URLs to your blog.

Hosting features in Linux platform:

In the Linux platform can be developed in languages: PHP, PERL, Python, etc. The permissions for folders are not fully inherited as Windows, besides that you can only give permission to a file, need not be all of the same folder. Your root file that takes care of friendly URLs is the .htaccess.

The two have PHP support then what you should choose?

ALWAYS choose Linux platform. PHP is designed to work best in it and therefore the entire WordPress also works best on Linux lodging.

There Cache plugins that work only if you have properly configured the .htaccess file.

In addition to many other factors such as the folders and files permissions that may allow more security. And returning to the .htaccess file, you can set it to let your blog safer too. We can make various settings that the web.config file of Windows does not support.

I want to make clear that these will be used only by the hosting site, that does not mean you have to start using a Linux now to fix your site.

So now attention, when hiring your hosting plan, make sure it offers Linux platform.

Do not make the same mistake I made. I confess that I ended contract with a hosting Windows platform in the beginning. I did this stupid for not knowing, because at the time knew that Windows platform did not offer full support for PHP, but I was interested to learn ASP. But shortly after my blog grew and was enlightened to give up to learn ASP and stay only in PHP.

Who ended up committing the same mistake, advise contacting your website where you host your blog and talk about how you can migrate from Windows to Linux. Also watch when you are looking for the best WordPress hosting plan, if possible choose well and read all terms to not have headaches in the future.

Best Wordpress Hosting

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