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Difference between shared hosting and dedicated server

We think it would be interesting to explain about the difference between shared hosting and dedicated server . The most common and most bloggers are using shared hosting, but there are more advanced and complete services for those who need more “power”, which are the Dedicated servers. That’s what we show now.

Difference between shared hosting and dedicated server

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting server is widely used because it is cheaper, it have multiple servers where each has dozens, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of sites hosted within it.

Prices for a shared hosting range from U $ 1.00 going up to US $ 10.00 (monthly). Really impossible not to find in India a viable solution for you which is starting a project between this price range.

The advantages of it are actually the price, and the company hosting it is responsible for the maintenance and operation of all, both offering full product support – that means you disclaims any concern in the technical sense – he will receive help or by chat, email or “ticketing system”.

This type of server is ideal for small businesses, blogs with up to a considerable number of traffic portfolios and other more common types of sites.

What we have to disadvantage is that you lose in freedom, especially when your website / blog has a very high number of visits, since this type of hosting does not allow each site to use more than 2% or even 5% of total resources of the server where all the hosted sites.

To illustrate, imagine a building, home to dozens of villagers, each one takes care of his apartment (you user), but who takes care of the whole building, its operation, infrastructure, among other things is the liquidator (hosting company).
Inside your apartment you can not do certain things, like touching a battery or have a doberman. Now imagine if all want to use the ballroom on the same night? There is also no parking spaces for how many cars you want and not everyone can use the elevator at the same time.

Dedicated server:

In the dedicated server, as its name implies, it is completely dedicated to you, only your website will be in it. It is an entire computer, with all the features and processing power only to your blog / site, without having to share anything with anyone.

In dedicated prices could begin with US $ 100.00 (monthly) going up numbers with three zeros at the end …

You are fully responsible for the operation of your website, where this form you need to have sufficient technical expertise to service your server, make his security and maintain it always working properly.

A dedicated server is a computer connected 24 hours a day in a high-speed Internet link. Thus the sole responsibility of the company that you hired is to keep this on the server and connected all the time.

Dedicated is the best alternative for high-traffic sites, large companies, websites and blogs with the greatest needs. It is also used for web applications and more.

As you can see, keep a computer just for you somewhere on Earth on 24 hours a day to a high-speed Internet link, it is not cheap, so it is more expensive than a shared hosting.

In addition to the freedom that you may have, you can also use up to 100% of the resources of your server. Of course we should not use it all, otherwise we do it lands, but your server being properly configured and being used correctly, will never get close to these 100%, and you can handle a huge number of visitors at a time within the site, without slowing down or even without running the risk of falling.

Returning the example of the building that used to share.
Imagine a house, you are the sole owner of it, you should keep it safe, do your maintenance, cleaning etc.
Here you are free to play drums or have in your backyard a doberman.

Shared or Dedicated, what should I hire?

Here is a question that many people have when they hire for the first time a hosting plan.

For a site / blog that is starting now, I recommend you hire a shared server, especially if you do not have sufficient technical expertise to do so. It is the most common for those who want to create a blog on WordPress.org.

Starting a blog now, you will not be able to use more of that 5% of server resources. You do NOT have a huge number of visitors in the first months of life of your blog.
(You only have a large number of visitors in the first days of life of your blog, if you invest heavily in advertising and publishing, but if you have money to do something, you have money also for a dedicated).

As you grow your blog, you’ll naturally start making money with it through advertisers, so when the time comes to feel the need for something greater, will be able to pay for a dedicated hosting without any problems.

Dedicated server

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