How to Choose the Domain Name for Site or Blog

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  • 23 June, 2014

Many people have doubts about how to choose the domain name for their web sites. This really is an important decision and will certainly make a big difference in the future of your site.

First you need to decide what type of websites you want to have and what kind of image you want to show.

It is a web site for your company/business?

You already have a set mark?

How large is your site?

What type of business you want to have it?

Your site will be a personal blog or a site for any company?

These are some questions that you can do to begin to decide the type of field that you should choose for your site. Only by answering these questions you will begin to have a better idea of what type of domain you should choose for your site.

A question that usually appears in these cases is the question about how to choose a domain: should I take a short field to be able to do a work of ‘branding’ in it (both online and offline) or a domain EMD (Exact Match Domain) for the benefit of key words in my area?

The answer is: it depends.


If you want to make a site a little larger or even if the site in question is a web site for your company, then I would definitely recommend that you choose a SHORT name and you can easily create a name or a brand at the top ( ‘brandable’ ). For examples just get big names:

  •  Amazon;
  • eBay;
  • Overstock;
  • Submarino;
  • Netshoes;
  • Google;
  • Apple;

Some tips when it comes time to choose a name for your brand/site:

  •  short Names and easy-to-remember
  • Names without doubt both in pronunciation and writing;
  • unique Names;
  • If possible, names that will remember what you do

Exact Match Domain Names

In the past have a domain EMD probably SIGNIFICANTLY increase their chances of ranquear well in Google. Today it still has a small advantage for EMDs as you can find out there, but this is decreasing more and more.

Many people strategies rank was based only having the keywords in the domain. Today I think this is a shot in the foot. Yes, you might still get some quick results, but you will be missing a huge opportunity to create brand and if in the future this value SEO for EMDs disappear, you’ll end up with a domain name that you cannot do anything.



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