New generic Top Level Domains to India – gTLD

We can say goodbye to the days of .com domination. With over 1500 new generic Top-Level Domains ( gTLD) to choose from, you will definitely find the right domain extension for your site or blog. That domain names will be released in groups during the year of 2014.
The benefits of a new domain extension are wonderfull, but among the most important advantages to registering one is the visibility it will lend to your website. A short, distinctive domain with a quality of having or producing clear visual definition extension easily stands out online, and show your website’s message, product, or service to the entire online world.

The gTLDs that you see here have passed ICANN’s Initial Evaluation and will be available for public registration.


.academy  .agency  .bargains .berlin .best .bike .blue .boutique .builders .camera .camp .careers .center .cheap .clothing .club .codes .coffee .company .computer .construction .contractors. cool. cruises. dance. democrat .diamonds .directory .domains .education .email .enterprises .equipment .estate .expert .exposed .farm .flights .florist .foundation .gallery .gift .glass .graphics .guitas .guru .holdings .holiday .house .immobilien .institute .international .kim .kitchen .kiwi .land .lighting .limo .link .management .marketing .menu .ninja .photo .photography .photos .pics .pink .plumbing .recipes .red .rentals .repair .sexy .shiksha .shoes .singles .solar .solutions .support .systems .tattoo .technology .tips .today .training .uno .vacations .ventures .viajes .villas .voyage .watch .wiki .works .在线 .移动 .中文网 .みんな .xyz .zone


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