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Shared Web Hosting V/s VPS V/s Dedicated Servers

Shared web hosting is the most common type of hosting service that has been used by web site owners across the globe. Knowing the difference between dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers [VPS] and Shared type of hosting will help you choose the perfect option for your blog or website.

Shared webhosting

Choosing this type of hosting means your site is hosted in a server where hundreds or even thousands of other websites are also hosted. Although this would reduce costs, performance will also be affected, for the same memory and CPU has been used by others as well.

Virtual Private Servers

This could be a comparatively newer concept in which hosted server is virtually divided so that the server resources will be re-allocated as per the requirements. An improved performance and control over the site are what you can expect from a VPS

Dedicated Servers

Need not say that this option is aimed at the pros or the sites having millions of unique visitors or the sites that are offering unlimited data transfer. The cost of a server, which varies from $150 to $300, may not be affordable to all web masters, but it would really be worth paying as the visitors will have a faster loading website.

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